遗传算法是 a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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工作@ GA

十大体育外围平台排名是美国历史最悠久的非宗派走读学校. 自成立以来,我们不断提供无与伦比的学术环境. 我们还认为,每个毕业生从GA获得的最大礼物之一是与非凡社区的终身联系和难忘的共同经历.

The relationships, 传统, and events our students eng年龄 in with teachers, administrators, 在GA工作的这些年里,员工成为富有同情心和自信的个体,对他们的发展是不可或缺的. 这些试金石使每个成员都能将自己独特的故事添加到260多年的叙述中并证明, 每一天, that anything is possible starting here.

Job Opportunities



GA provides a host of different medical and dental insurance 项目, flexible spending and health savings accounts, and vision plans to select from, for individuals and families.


通过TIAA-CREF为符合条件的雇员提供固定缴款退休计划. 在前三年的就业期间,GA将匹配员工基本工资的5%.






"The community is welcoming, warm, and intellectual. It is student-centered and mission-driven." - Dan Evans, Associate Director of College Counseling


Induction Ceremony 学生

“你周围都是关心我们的学生和他们的激情的高素质的人." - Dr. Sherri Retif, MS Physical Education Teacher


“这里有一个充满爱心的同事和学生社区,他们拥有与我相似的价值观,并重视艺术教育." - Jodi Bohr 1760, LS Music Teacher


“与学生互动很重要,因为有时最好的学习发生在不那么有条理的休闲时刻." - Rod Thomas, Assistant Director, Roberts Library


“GA是一个快乐且不断变化的环境,也是一个非常有益的工作场所." - Pat Terefenko, Accounting Man年龄r


"The world needs our students - smart people who can empathize, who can think critically, and who can write clearly and concisely." - Dr. Michael Torrey, House Head Director, US English Teacher

A Commitment to Educational Excellence. There is an entrepreneurial spirit to try new ideas, 项目, teaching methodologies, and course offerings. 领导的支持和鼓励为教职员工提供了机会,使他们能够追求自己的激情,进一步吸引学生.  

A 教师 关闭ly Attuned to the Way Children Acquire and Apply Knowledge. 十大体育外围平台排名的教师深刻理解各个年龄段的学生是如何思考和学习的, and relate to the world around them. 教职员工和行政部门已经刻意营造了一种刺激的环境, 支持, 协作, 挑战的方式使学生掌握技能和知识,使他们成熟为有思想的人, motivated individuals. 

A 社区 that Fully Embraces Every Individual and Family. 日耳曼学院的包容性文化和温馨的环境支持社区所有成员的福祉和成功. The close relationships formed between students, 教师, administration, and parents energize all aspects of the school, which creates a lasting connection to the institution.

GA By the Numbers

72% of the 教师 hold advanced degrees.


320 教师 & 工作人员

7:1 Student-Teacher Ratio


日耳曼学院全年雇佣了340多名全职和兼职教职员工. Members of our community hail from all over the country and overseas, and many move to the area to become a part of the GA family.

而一些教职员工则从多伊尔斯敦和埃克斯顿远道而来, a large majority arrive daily from Ambler, Fort Washington, Glenside, 位于, Norristown, 北威尔士, 和Oreland, as well as sections of Philadelphia, including Mount Airy, 栗树山, 日耳曼敦, and Roxborough.

阅读更多 about the areas surrounding 日耳曼敦 Academy in Fort Washington.

教师, 来自该地区的员工和学生每天使用SEPTA区域铁路和公共汽车系统往返于GA. 兰斯代尔/多伊尔斯敦铁路线就在学校对面, and the bus stop is across the street from the train station. 火车乘客从费城到多伊尔斯敦以及两者之间的任何地方.

Equal Opportunity Employer

日耳曼学院认为,在就业的各个方面的平等机会支持学校的使命和我们的战略目标的成功实现. 日耳曼学院的政策是为所有合格的雇员和申请人提供平等的就业机会,而不考虑种族, 种族, 信条, color, 性别, sexual orientation, national origin, 年龄, 残疾, or veteran status, and to seek candidates who will further diversify our community. GA将采取积极行动,确保这一政策在各方面得到落实, including hiring, 放置, promotion or transfer, 招聘, employment ads, salary and other compensation, and selection for training and development opportunities.

For more information about hiring policies and practices, contact Rachel Elwood, Director of Human Resources, 267-405-7222 or 电子邮件.