十大体育外围平台排名, a purposefully structured academic life prepares students with vibrant intellects to enter the colleges and universities most suited to their interests and talents.

因此,GA严格的课程拓宽了学生在校内外的体验. Highly participatory classes encourage students to become leaders by sharing their talents and interests and expertise with others. A student to 老师 ratio of 7 to 1 provides myriad opportunities for meaningful learning via group discussion and student presentation. 多样化的课程设置吸引了那些天生好奇和富有想象力的学生, 问问题的人, 既重视理性又重视美学, and who understand that intellectual engagement provides a pathway for understanding themselves and others.

The curriculum offers multiple levels of challenge to support the academic readiness of all students and is assessed by its ability to convey content, 开发技能, 促进信心, 并产生正确的判断. 从学前班到12年级, GA重视学术课程, 按范围在三个部门之间进行联系和协调, 序列, 以及产品的复杂性.